3 E-Filing Tips for Your Business

3 E-Filing Tips for Your Business

Dec 23rd 2022

Start the 2023 new year off with less stress. Here’s a few tips for how electronically filing your W-2, 1099 and 1095 forms can benefit you and your company.


Find an e-file solution that offers a print and mail service for sending recipient copies. Using a service that prints and delivers recipient copies for you makes filing especially easy. It can help you hit the January 31 st recipient deadline, as well as save you time and supply costs. Your software may provide a tool with this service.

  Less Hassle

It’s tough keeping up with state requirement changes and the various deadlines. There are paperless filing tools that help you meet all state requirements in a matter of a few clicks. These programs work with state agencies to help correctly submit all your filing information.

  Current Resources

There are many secure and reputable e-filing options, but why not look right under your nose. You may be able to find a completely paperless filing tool through the software you already use. Some software companies partner with year-end filing experts, like Nelco, to offer you an easy, seamless, and complete e-file experience. Helping you to meet federal, state, and recipient requirements in a matter of minutes.

Preparing now will give your businesses the best chance to avoid year-end fines and stress. Where to start? Look into your software resources or contact Nelco about how there completely paperless filing tool works.