Complete E-Filing Solution for Businesses

Complete E-Filing Solution for Businesses

Nov 10th 2023

Many W-2, 1099 & 1095 electronic filing services are available today, but not all are created equal or easy to use. Only a few complete e-file solutions truly offer an easy paperless filing experience that businesses desire.

What does a complete e-file solution look like?

Businesses benefit from the time savings of a complete e-file solution, like Nelco (the experts in W-2, 1099 & 1095 filing). Nelco offers a paperless filing process, making it easy for businesses, like yours, to seamlessly transmit filing data directly from your software to the filing program. Once filing data is submitted, the program ensures your data is securely sent to the appropriate state and federal agencies. Businesses can even opt-in on print and mail services for recipient copies. This is not always an option in other e-file solutions. In Nelco’s program this includes Nelco handling the printing, mailing, and electronic delivery of recipient copies. A simple click of the button and Nelco handles the rest! Talk about time savings!

Why use Nelco’s complete e-file solution?

  • Convenience

An easy-to-use interface that’s connected through your software offers a seamless submission of forms and helps your business meet all the year-end filing requirements in a few clicks.

  • Accuracy

When using a trusted complete e-file service, it will help you to avoid mistakes which can lead to costly fines. An e-file service, like Nelco, will do the math and matching of data for you through your software. It guides you and warns you if any data doesn’t match up with needed requirements.

  • Time Savings

When you use a complete e-file solution that can print and mail recipients copies for you, like Nelco, it means no time spent stuffing envelopes or mailing paper forms.

  • IRS Requirements

E-filing may now be mandatory for your business. The IRS officially lowered the W-2 and 1099 e-file threshold from 250 to 10 forms in Tax Year 2023 (to be filed in 2024). This regulation includes the total for all aggregated forms filed (W-2, 1099, 1095, etc.). Learn more here. This change can bring on extra stresses, but using an already trusted filing solution that's available in your software makes deciding how to e-file easy.

Navigating electronic filing can be taxing and time consuming. Filing through a system like Nelco, with a program already integrated into your software and who works with federal and state agencies, helps businesses avoid that year-end strain.

Find out more about Nelco’s easy and complete e-file solution here.